About Gerringong -
Where the mountains
meet the sea

Gerringong's history goes back as far as 1810 when cedar tree getters visited in small ocean going vessels from Sydney. Opportunists quickly recognised the quality of the land and soon established dairy farms within the region.

It has been suggested the name Gerringong means “fearful” place in the local Aboriginal language, although it is hard to imagine why.

GraveyardA significant number of earlier settlers came from the province of Ulster and to a lesser degree Munster in Ireland which is not surprising as the countryside of Gerringong and headlands of Werri Beach are strongly reminiscent of the green isle. 

In more recent times volunteers from a range of organisations
have worked to sustain the natural resources and to carry out coastal natural resource management projects in the local community.

Gerringong has become a thriving village centre with side walk cafes and alfresco dining, boutique shops and one of the largest surf shops in Australia. While modern it retains a warm and friendly atmosphere in a stunning location where the mountains meet the sea.

Cronin’s pub and bottle shop are renowned land marks in Gerringong. Mick Cronin life- long resident of Gerringong and former footballer and coach has since been named among the nation’s finest footballers of the 20th century.

Point of Interest

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith in 1933 made the historic flight from Seven Mile Beach Gerroa to New Plymouth in New-Zealand.