Siere Combines Elegant Architecture with a Tranquil Location

Siere location shotThe House

Siere is a contemporary, architecturally designed home featuring a Jamie Durie inspired tropical garden with striking colour, textures and brilliant light.

Situated in idyllic private surroundings is a secluded outdoor living area and sun drenched swimming pool.

The Name

Siere location shotQualities associated with the name Siere (Sea- air) inspirational and luxurious; simple and vibrant.

Our Story

Stories are the fabric of life. For us the transition from the South West Slopes to the Shoalhaven in NSW was un-thought of until…

Fifteen years ago we had bought a 28ha property just outside of Wagga Wagga with the intention of planting a two thousand tree olive grove with no plans of leaving there ever. This was to change after a marketing trip to the south coast in search of new outlets for our olive products.

Extract from a letter to friends living on the west coast of Ireland:

It’s so like Ireland – it was the first thing that struck me about this picturesque little village by the sea surrounded by lush, verdant green rolling hills -we are so over drought, tinder dry, dusty landscapes and insipid brown, green winters.

And then

We are in the process of letting go of our business Wollundry Grove Olives and all it has meant to us, families, friends and entourage. We planted the grove, took some monumental risks along the way; loved what we were doing, especially doing it together.

With the decision to sell Wollundry Grove a chain of events unfolded leading to the discovery of Siere at No 1 Wilson Avenue in Gerringong.

The beach near SiereSiere

Velvet mountain peaks
against a marquisette sky;
the sound of the ocean
journeys through darkness.
A playful sea breeze
stirs treasured memories;
leaving footprints in the sands of time